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Mortgage Fact Sheet

Many people struggle to pay their mortgages. This fact sheet provides basic information about mortgage modifications and other potential relief for homeowners. Mortgage Modifications What is a mortgage modification? Many homeowners seek mortgage modifications because they are having difficulty making their mortgage payments. Modifications can take the form of interest rate reductions, extension of the […]

Beware of Out-of-State Companies Posing as Local Locksmiths

The Attorney General’s Office warns Minnesotans to beware of out-of-state companies deceptively posing as local neighborhood locksmiths. People locked out of their cars or homes have reported that when they hired these outfits, the contractor who arrived to do the work significantly jacked up the price, damaged property, or demanded hundreds of dollars more than […]

Condominium and Townhouse Associations

Townhome, condominium, and other homeowner associations are typically part of what is called a common interest community, or CIC.  Ownership in a CIC offers an opportunity for home ownership without many of the added day-to-day responsibilities, such as snow removal or yard maintenance. In a CIC, owners are members in an association comprised of all […]

Beware of Refinancing Scams

Some homeowners look to refinancing to get out of adjustable-rate mortgages or lower the rate on their fixed-rate mortgages to help ease financial pressures. Refinancing can become an attractive option when interest rates drop. But be careful. Some homeowners have become the target of fraudulent refinancing offers. The fraudulent offers may begin with a call […]

Shut the Door on Door-to-Door Home Improvement Scams

While “Marcy” was gardening in her front yard, a man approached. He told her he could repave her driveway at a “bargain price” if she paid cash today. She paid the money, and the man promised to return with a crew the next day to do the work. He never came back. Maybe your neighborhood has seen […]

Understanding Mechanics Liens

Understanding Mechanics Liens If you have never heard about a mechanic’s lien, or you have heard the term but do not really know what a mechanic’s lien is, you are not alone. If you are planning to build or have work done on your home or property, take time to first understand Minnesota’s mechanic’s lien […]

Consumer Protections

Consumer Protections Once you have chosen the best bid, it is time to write the contract. While many homeowners simply sign the bid and let that serve as a contract, the bid or proposal is rarely detailed enough to give you adequate protection should a dispute arise. Many contractors use prepared contract forms, but again, […]

Home Building and Remodeling

Choosing a Contractor Whether you are planning to build, remodel, repair, or add on, your home improvement project may require the services of a contractor. Home improvement projects can easily cost thousands of dollars, making selection of the right contractor very important. Although most contractors are reputable professionals, there are some who lack necessary skills […]


Checklists and Worksheets Loan Qualification Worksheet You can get an idea of what size loan you might qualify for by going through this worksheet. Before you fill out the Loan Qualification Worksheet, find out the current industry numbers from a loan officer or mortgage broker. The following numbers can change, but were current as of […]

Closing on Your Home

We’ve warned you to stay calm throughout this process. But now it’s panic time! The closing on your home is a deadline you don’t want to miss. If you do, your purchase agreement could be canceled. Or your move could be delayed. And, worse yet, you could be living at your in-laws for weeks until you find […]